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Program Overview

2021: A Year of Transition. I’ve spent 2020 working with Entrepreneur seeking to transform, pivot or expand their businesses, but have been challenged with resources and capital. That’s why I’ve decided to launch a program to help.

My name is Ty Richardson and in additional to being a serial entrepreneur, and capital broker, I am a performance coach. This year, I have the opportunity to coach entrepreneurs like yourself, and at the end of it, fund your endeavors for growth.

If you would like to start, pivot or take your business to the next level, join me for this six month program where you will learn every facet of a business operation, work with coaches and subject-matter experts to build your business and upon graduation, once eligible, receive funding offers.

Program dates run from March 2021 to September 2021

Program Financing is available for qualified individuals and companies.

Business Transformation Program

Continuit’s Business Transformation Program is designed like a Mastermind group. After over 10 years of working with start-ups, this program has been designed to take an idea or a business, and infuse them with resources, subject-matter experiences, and one-on-one hands-on support, so they can start, pivot, or grow. This six-month program guides entrepreneurs in every aspect of business, from strategy to marketing, from pricing to pro-forma, combining self-study with expert support to result in a fully formulated business in the end.

Program Outcomes
At the conclusion of this program, participants will be armed with an in-depth knowledge of their new business and a plan to execute; resources to fulfill that plan, and the access to capital to fund it. Participants will be provided with an optional Pitch Workshop and Pitch session, when they can present their businesses to investors, lenders and brokers, to seek funding and resources.
Program Guidelines
The program begins with an introduction to the concept of “Why” every participant is present and what they hope to gain from the next six months. Then, each week, participants use resources to self-study aspects of their business that needs addressing. In our monthly sessions, subject-matter experts share content on areas of business, and work one-on-one with participants to apply theories learned, and experiences had to each participant’s business.
There will be a mix of speakers, panelists, and interviews, all with an opportunity to work one-on-one with each resource to develop a business and a plan. From strategy to marketing, finance to technology, every aspect of business will be covered, and should anything be missed or require custom attention, that will be addressed in the final session: Everything Else.
Program Perks
  • A complimentary business audit designed to illustrate current cost savings in your business
  • Discounted initiation fees for Tower Club membership
  • Complimentary coaching sessions from subject-matter experts in finance, technology, operations, HR, marketing and more
  • Optional Funding Pitch Prep Workshop
  • Optional Funding Pitch Session upon conclusion of the program
Who is this for?
  • Start-Up Entrepreneurs
  • Individuals with just a business idea
  • Businesses seeking capital
  • Businesses affected by Covid-19
  • Successful businesses wanting to expand
Personal Transformation Program

This program is designed to introduce individuals into the concept of Strengths-based theory. Using just your dominant strengths, you can achieve greatness. Starting with identifying those strengths, participants learn what they mean, how they rank, and what they look like. Then, how to be intentional: how to use them purposefully. How to work harmoniously with people with different strengths, be it colleagues, partners, or lovers. Finally, better decision-making, personally and professionally.

Program Outcomes
The outcome of this program will be an individuals’ ability to articulate their strengths, how it drives their behavior, and the steps they’ve taken to leverage their weaknesses. A demonstrated improvement in quality of life, satisfaction at work and better, stronger and more intimate relationships with those who matter most.
Program Guidelines
This course begins with the identification and ranking order of each participant’s 34 strengths. The four-month course spans two hours of collaborative work monthly, accompanied by self-study and work between sessions. A natural progression from theory to practical use, from individual to collaboration and from knowledge sharing to synthesis will be the path the program follows.
Included is a monthly 1:1 coaching session, optional monthly Happy Hour for networking and relationship building, and supplemental content around physical and financial health and other aspects of total wellbeing.
Program Perks
  • A complimentary personal financial audit
  • A complimentary personal branding audit to grow your personal profile
  • Discounted initiation fees for Tower Club membership
  • Complimentary coaching sessions from subject-matter experts in Career and Life
  • Coaching, Health & Nutrition, Financial Wellbeing and more.
Who is this for?
  • Individuals in a Career Transition
  • Leaders new to their Role
  • Individuals seeking Change
  • Individuals interested in self-development
About Dr. Ty Richardson

Career Beginnings

Dr. Ty started his career with a Fortune 100 corporation, American Airlines at the age of 17. At 23, Dr. Ty was promoted to Branch Manager at AA Credit Union and moved through his career with AA until his last position leading Call Center Operations across Europe & Asia-Pacific in 2011.

Serial Entrepreneur

After leaving AA. Dr. Ty spent the next 10 years working with start-ups, investors, and launching three of his own ventures: A social network turned non-profit Foundation for young professionals; a high potential coaching practice based on Gallup’s Strengthsfinder; and capital brokerage, providing access to capital and resources for commercial ventures.


Dr. Ty also pursued academic qualifications in parallel to his professional accomplishments. Dr. Ty holds a BA in Advertising and a MA in International Commerce and Public Policy from George Mason University. He also earned a PhD in Organization & Management concentrated on Generation X and Y, as they engage in Customer Experience from Capella University. Dr. Ty is a published author, speaker and coach.


Throughout his career, Dr. Ty broke the rules and achieved many firsts, both personally and professionally. However, it was not lost on him, that those accomplishments could have been achieved more effectively had he more mentorship, guidance and coaching, both personally and professional. As such, Dr. Ty has decided to direct his professional and academic experience toward the betterment of young professionals and entrepreneurs worldwide.

The launch of these two programs is his first step, to offering others, tools he could have used to learn, transform, excel and impact even more.


I felt a sense of purpose
and strength
After my coaching session with Ty, I felt a sense of purpose and strength (no pun intended) that I could walk away with and easily apply to my daily life. Ty was integral in helping me discover that my strengths are not only a vessel for strong relationships but that, if used to their full potential, could be the key to influencing others in the business world. Knowing your strengths can impact both your business and personal life and Ty is a great resource for anyone who wishes to do just that!

West Texas A&M University
Enthusiasm, honesty and
results-focused approach
Ty has been an excellent leadership coach for me over the past 6 months. This time period has been critical for me having just taken over a new leadership position as head of Group Projects in a very fast-paced and dynamically growing Financial Institution. From my very first encounter with Ty I was impressed with his enthusiasm, honesty and results-focused approach. Ty's holistic approach to applying his knowledge and expertise in Gallup Strengths to all areas of your work and personal life is eye-opening, refreshing and motivating.

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